Difference between Lasik, PRK laser eye surgery

Difference between Lasik, PRK laser eye surgery sydney

These two laser eye surgery procedures can accurately treat eye injury and eye diseases and also can do vision correction. Lasik and Photorefractive Keratectomy laser eye surgery sydney have procedures that combat short-sightedness, long-sightedness, and vision problems.

But keyhole surgery is different from that of Lasik and PRK surgery. Another surgery is of refractive surgery, and this surgery discontinues glasses prescription. It is also known as laparoscopic surgery. This laser eye surgery can discover so many conditions in the body.

The main point of this article is centered on Lasik and PRK laser eye surgery sydney. Before any patient goes for any laser eye surgery, you first consult a laser eye clinic to know the one you are a suitable candidate for.

Even though both Lasik and PRK laser eye surgery sydney reshapes the cornea but different laser eye surgery procedures are based on the diagnostics test. In this article, I’ll discuss the differences and how vision problems are solved, and the laser eye surgery procedure between Lasik and PRK surgery.

Difference between Lasik, PRK laser eye surgery

Operations of PRK

Some things happen during the laser surgery of PRK that is different from Lasik laser surgery. We’ll be checking the operations of PRK.

  1. The surgeon will recommend contact lenses to aid your vision correction and healing after the laser surgery is done through the medical procedure
  2. This enhancement procedure hastens your healing and gives you comfort.
  3. Using a laser helps the laser eye surgeon reshape your corneal tissue quickly without stress.
  4. Also, the corneal epithelium, which is the outer layer, is removed with the use of a brush.
  5. There are laser treatments you will be given to calm you down before the surgery is carried out and to rectify the vision problems

You will also be given eye drops for at least a week to make you feel no pain while the laser eye surgery sydney procedure continues. And also, contact lenses are recommended. 

Operation of Lasik laser eye surgery

Advanced surface laser ablation photorefractive keratectomy, just like Lasik eye surgery, the excimer laser is also used to address and reshape the corneal tissue and refractive error. When the corneal adjust itself back to its place, then the process completes the laser eye surgery sydney.

In LASIK Surgery, the eye surgeon makes a small flap in the corneal epithelium, which is different from the laser eye surgery procedures of PRK.  

The Healing Process between PRK and LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

The healing process and recovery between both are pretty different in laser eye surgery. It only takes a few hours for Lasik eye surgery to heal, and the recovery period is not farfetched, unlike the Photorefractive keratectomy

Meanwhile, anything can happen if precautions are not taken seriously after the laser eye surgery, no matter the surgery you underwent.

The Healing Process of PRK Laser Eye Surgery

1.    Healing takes a few days in Photorefractive keratectomy. Sometimes it may take a month or more for total healing and recovery. Laser Vision correction can only be achieved when there is total healing. This will involve a follow-up appointment with the eye surgeon candidate for this laser vision correction can only return to their daily activities routine when the contact lenses are removed.

2.    When the corneal is healing, you may have blurry vision, irritation, and burning. The eye surgeon will give you some drugs to reduce the pain for some days after laser treatment. Meanwhile, eye drops will also be recommended for you, and also to wear contact lenses. Sometimes eye surgeon might give a glasses prescription.

3.    The bandage contact lenses can only be removed when the eye is healed, giving you a perfect and working sight. The essence of contact lenses is to make the cornea heal when placed on the surface layer of the laser eye.

The Healing Process of LASIK

1.    In Lasik eye surgery, sometimes, in between hours, you may experience discomfort, but it will only last for hours, not too long to bear. But after the laser eye surgery treatment, you will be given pain relief, and eye drops to apply.

2.    The healing and recovery process of Lasik is faster than that of Photorefractive keratectomy laser eye surgery because of the approach of the medical procedure. Many patients may even return to their respective practice that same day of the laser eye surgery.

Suitable candidate to perform laser eye surgery

Some conditions fit into being a candidate for laser eye surgery.

  1. Pregnant or nursing mother.
  2. 5-6mm is the average pupil size required.
  3. Suitable candidate for the surgery must be above 20

The Cost Difference between LASIK and PRK laser eye surgery

There are so many things responsible for laser eye surgery costs. There are many laser eye surgery options with low and high costs.

  1. Lasik eye surgery costs $1000 to $2600 for one surgery.
  2. PRK laser eye surgery costs from $2000 to $4000 for the two eyes.
  3. During post-surgery, PRK patients must visit the surgeon regularly, which can cost more, like Lasik surgery.
  4. Two Lasers are used for the operation in Lasik. One is used to open the flap, while the other laser is used to shape the cornea.
  5. But in PRK laser surgery, one laser is used in the surgery to reshape the corneal flap.

Do and don’t of PRK

There are do and don’t of PRK and Lasik corrective eye procedures.

  1. As for PRK, the healing time is longer.
  2. The bandage or contact lenses must be removed before a patient can drive. One of the compelling Don’t is that driving is prohibited for a particular time till you have proven healed.
  3. It is also preferable for the patient to have thin corneas
  4. Sometimes, total recovery may be tough to get, but gradually it will add up. Vision correction takes patience, or the eye disease or eye injury may reoccur anytime.
  5. Eye infection is inevitable a few days after the surgery, except if there is a concerted effort against it.
  6. The corneal flap is free from any risk or complication.


Do and Don’t of Lasik surgery

  1. Lasik surgery has a speedy recovery procedure.
  2. Getting an eye infection is not sure or less risky.
  3. Lasik eye surgery does not need the use of bandage contact lenses
  4. Patient can drive a day after the surgery is done.
  5. Lasik eye surgery can generate a significant risk of having poor or blurred vision at night.
  6. Patient that has thin corneas are not a suitable candidate for Lasik eye surgery procedures.

It is important to know the disparity between Lasik and PRK eye surgery; this will help you understand what to do whenever you are going for any of the surgery you are a suitable candidate for.


This article has opened your eyes to the fact that there are several differences between Lasik and PRK laser eye surgery. In terms of laser eye surgery, laser eye treatment, eye drops, and even antibiotics drugs, distant objects, cloudy vision, short-sightedness, long-sightedness, and enhancement procedures, all of which are enshrined in laser eye surgery.

As good as contact lenses are, laser eye surgery will do vision correction perfectly. This is essential information that you will find many answers to the questions about eye surgery bothering your heart. Your distance vision can be corrected with laser procedures.